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iMagic Restaurant Reservation - Online Manual

Tutorial 2 Taking Reservations

This is the second tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Restaurant Reservation. This tutorial steps you through the process of adding a reservation. It is presumed that you have already configured the system, if you haven't you may want to review the first tutorial before continuing.

Adding reservations is quick and easy. To add a reservation:

1. Click the Make Reservation button on the toolbar.
2. Enter the reservation date, time of day, number of clients and time.
3. Click the Check Availability button.

The application will then search and find all of the available tables that can accomodate the reservation. The best tables will be displayed at the top of the table list. You can now select the tables for this booking.

4. Select the tables you would like to reserve by clicking on the table name. You can select as many tables as required.
5. Click the OK button.

You can now enter the customers details:

1. Enter the customer's name and click the Customer Search button.
2. You can now select the customer from the list. If the customer does not exist in the list click OK, you can then enter the customer's details.
3. Enter or update the customer's details.
4. Click the Complete Reservation button.


You can cancel the reservation and start again at any time by clicking the Cancel Reservation button.

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