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iMagic Restaurant Reservation - Online Manual

Welcome to iMagic Restaurant Reservation. The fully flexible and easy to use restaurant reservation system. Please take a moment to browse the help below.

What is iMagic Restaurant Reservation?
What it does and doesn't do.

Tutorial 1 Getting Started - Setting up
Setting up the system using the Configuration Wizard.

Tutorial 2 Taking Reservations
Create your first reservation in this step-by-step exercise.

Tutorial 3 Viewing Reservations
Using the View Reservations window.

Tutorial 4 Viewing Customers and Details
Viewing your customer list and updating their details.

Tutorial 5 Reports
Monitor how well your restaurant is performing.

Tips and Tricks - Quickly Finding Reservations
Quick techniques for finding and updating reservations.

Tips and Tricks - Quickly Finding Customers
Techniques for finding and updating customer details.

Exporting Customers and Reservations to Excel
How to export details and import them into Excel.

Using Table Blocks
How to use Table Blocks to create extra tables on special occassions.

Creating Multiple Venues
How to take reservations for multiple locations.

Using the Visual Layout
Selecting tables for reservations visually.

Technical Support
Getting Technical Support.

License Agreement
License Agreement.

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