Software Updates for  iMagic Restaurant Reservation - 2024

This is a list of recent updates available. To download an update launch iMagic Restaurant Reservation and then select from the main menu 'Help > Check Web for Updates'.

v4.46 Software Updates
  • GUI and system files updated.
  • Added a warning message if the Visual Layout was not setup for a venue and tables in the restaurant.
  • Custom Export now adds double quotes to text fields to fix an import issue with Excel. - Many thanks to Ryan Torres for this suggestion.
  • Added an option to show the Visual Layout full screen when selecting tables. - Many thanks to Susan Conrad for this suggestion.

    v4.45 Software Updates
  • Quick Stats update - Reservations This Week now include future reservations and have the current day highlighted.

  • Reservations graph can now show year to date values, allowing for comparisons of reservations. - Many thanks to Larry J for this suggestion.

    v4.44 Software Updates
  • Bug fix - on Enter Password on Reservation. - Many thanks to Jake T for this suggestion.
  • Updated contact and support options.
  • GUI and interface updates.

    v4.42 Software Updates
  • Updates to Visual Layout for selecting tables.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Updated signing certificate.

    v4.40 Software Updates
  • Updated system files.
  • Bug fix - Customer History was causing an error on large databases. - Many thanks to TC for this suggestion.

    v4.39 Software Updates
  • Added Display Reservations Report. - Many thanks to Paula for this suggestion.
  • Updated system files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

    v4.35 Software Updates
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added new date range graph. - Many thanks to Justin L for this suggestion.
  • Default button change on making new reservations.

    v4.31 Software Updates
  • Update to latest core files.
  • Bug fix - Web Booking feature was causing an error. - Many thanks to Denise H for this suggestion.

    v4.30 Software Updates
  • Added ability to take reservations from a website (via SuperOop).

    v4.29 Software Updates
  • Added option to request password on editing reservations. - Many thanks to Raul B for this suggestion.
  • Added new check for write permissions on the database on start up.
  • Updated help file links to Visual Designer.

    v4.28 Software Updates
  • Updates for latest updates to Windows. Without this update you may receive Invalid Null errors.

    v4.27 Software Updates
  • Added option to force the user to enter a password to make reservation. Select Configure/User Access. - Many thanks to Raul B for this suggestion.
  • Added new option - Don't allow Taken By to be manually changed - select Configure/User Access. - Many thanks to Raul B for this suggestion.
  • Bug fix - Was not showing 24 hour number format on the View Reservations screen. This has now been added as an option in Configure/General Settings. - Many thanks to Niclas for this suggestion.
  • Bug fix - When entering a new booking the number of covers was reverting back to the previous booking. Unless this was updated it would set the value to 2. - Many thanks to Bardude76 for this suggestion.
  • Full screen switch option added to Configure/Settings. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.
  • Updated Help menu item with various options, including Upgrade, Purchase, etc.
  • Updates for Windows 7 interface.

    v4.26 Software Updates
  • Added new support for mySQL databases.

    v4.20 Software Updates
  • Visual Designer update for high resolution monitors. - Many thanks to Wayve K for this suggestion.

    v4.19 Software Updates
  • Added option to print Visual Layout. - Many thanks to Jody M for this suggestion.
  • Updated Visual Designer to show table number and max covers.
  • Updated Visual Designer so a table can be selected from the list rather than having to click on the table image itself.
  • Updated interface for larger resolution screens.

    v4.18 Software Updates
  • Bug fix with Table Blocks. When the Time of Day, ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, was set to lunch or dinner it was being ignored and defaulting to the breakfast period. - Many thanks to Daniel C for this suggestion.
  • Bug fix - The Percentage of Tables to Show setting was not always being set when viewing Available Tables.

    v4.17 Software Updates
  • Visual interface update for Windows 7.
  • Minor bug fixes.

    v4.16 Software Updates
  • Maintenance release - latest bug fixes and Windows related updates.

    v4.15 Software Updates
  • Bug fix - cancelling a reservation was not clearing the cache. - Many thanks to Vicki M for this suggestion.

    v4.14 Software Updates
  • Added option to send database directly to support over the internet (select Help/Send Database to iMagic Support). - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.

    v4.12 Software Updates
  • Added option to Import Customer Details. Select File/Import Customers to launch the import wizard. This should help to link in iMagic Restaurant to other systems. - Many thanks to Doug C for this suggestion.
  • Bug fix, if complete/cancel wasn't pressed when editing a reservation and instead a new reservation made this could cause reservation details to get muddled. Steps to recreate:
    1) Make a new reservation and select Complete Reservation.
    2) Make a second reservation but instead of pressing Complete or Cancel select View Reservations (this caused the reservation to not be fully saved).
    3) Edit the first reservation and click Complete Reservation. (in some cases this then caused the two reservations to not be fully saved). Download this update to fix this issue. - Many thanks to Katie for this suggestion.
  • Fixed total customer count on View Customers screen, was showing 0.

    v4.11 Software Updates
  • Added new File/Print option to View Reservations screen. This now prints just the current grid contents. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.
  • Removed dependency on Microsoft's comdlg32.ocx file. This should remove some conflicts with other installed software.
  • Added new option so that the reservation tables don't have to be selected at booking time. Instead an estimated count will be used based on the current bookings for a period. To active select Configure/Settings and check the "When no tables are selected use customer count" option. - Many thanks to David S for this suggestion.
  • Backup system now defaults to include the current date (File/Backup Database). This should help to avoid the situation of overwriting old backups.

    v4.10 Software Updates
  • Fixed installation issue with c1sizer.ocx file on the Visual Layout.

    v4.9 Software Updates
  • Added option to stop the user from being able to select more covers than are in the booking (Configure/General Settings). - Many thanks to David for this suggestion.
  • On View Reservations screen added Custom Time option under Time of Day. This allows you to view reservations between a selected time period. - Many thanks to David for this suggestion.
  • Added new User Access feature. This will eventually completely replace the current Administration Password option. At present it allows to force a login before the system can be launched and restrict access to reports and administration features. - Many thanks to David for this suggestion.
  • Added cover count against each table on Visual Layout Designer.
  • Results from the Reservation Search can now be sorted by clicking the column header, clicking again causes the sort order to be reversed.
  • Added Help/About Database button.
  • Changed "All Day" Duration to "24 Hours" to avoid confusion on bookings.
  • Added Clear Background to Visual Layout Designer. - Many thanks to Amie for this suggestion.

    v4.8 Software Updates
  • Added Account No search. - Many thanks to David S for this suggestion.
  • Added Preferred Payment Method for customers, also administration (Configure/Payment Methods). - Many thanks to David S for this suggestion.
  • Updated toolbar so it's hidden with screen resolution of less than 800 width. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.
  • Added AccountNo to Reservation View when field is visible (Configure/Optional Fields) - Many thanks to David S for this suggestion.
  • Fixed bug when no results were returned on customer search and the empty selection was selected would cause crash.
  • Fixed layout of Account Number on Make Reservation screen.
  • Increased size of Visual Layout. - Many thanks to Amie H for this suggestion.
  • Fixed sizing layout on Customer View screen.
  • On Customer Search (when no reservation is selected) a selected customer will now be automatically selected on the View Customer screen. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.

    v4.5 Software Updates
  • Minor bug fixes.

    v4.4 Software Updates
  • Added change Venue option for existing bookings. - Many thanks to Richard K for this suggestion.
  • Fixed "walk in" bug where time was not automatically being set to the current Windows time. - Many thanks to Candace for this suggestion.