• TRACK RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS - specifically designed for the needs of restaurant owners.
  • AVOID DOUBLE BOOKING - No longer a need to worry about double bookings, confused staff and upset guests.
  • COVER COUNT MANAGEMENT - hit the sweet spot of covers, between overworking the kitchen and underutilising available space.
  • HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE AND EASY TO USE - A database of bookings and guests is automatically created each time you make a reservation. Choose how to manage and the software does the rest.
  • SAFE AND SECURE - Our software runs on Microsoft Windows so you know it's from a trusted source.

Easy Restaurant Management, Makes Happy Clients



Bill Smith - Brisbane, Austraila

Powerful Features, Makes Effective Management

Increase Profit with Repeat Customers

Managing repeat customers and recording customer preferences helps you to retain your customers. Make food allergy notes, record special events and birthdays. Make your customers feel unique and special by recording personal messages. It can be as easy as welcoming them with their nickname at the door!

Manage Reservations and Tables

Taking reservations is the core of your business, that's why we've made it so easy with iMagic Restaurant Reservation. Tap Make Reservation, enter the guest details, choose from available tables, and you're done! It's not only comfortable and fast, but it's also convenient. No matter what you're doing, you can always make a new reservation.

Know Who's Arriving and How Busy You'll Be

Knowing who is arriving at a glance is vital to finding guests bookings quickly. The last thing you need is to be wasting time! From our unique View Reservations screen, you can see exactly who is arriving, what time and which tables they have booked. 

Sometimes you're so busy, you have to turn away customers

Some days of the week are busier than others. When the restaurant is at capacity, you have to turn away customers. Not anymore! Don't lose business and throw money away. With iMagic Restaurant Reservation, you can change the status of reservations, mark them as being at the bar, seated, ordered or departed. If guests have left early on one reservation, this gives you the chance to quickly clear the table and seat the walk-ins. Or provide them with a drink and send them to the bar! A complimentary drink can do wonders for a guest's patience.

Interactive Reporting

With an economic downturn more than ever you don't want to turn away customers. With iMagic Restaurant Reservation you don't need to. Using our unique interactive reporting system, you can increase advertising during low periods and see what staff you need. Just click and select the dates to view, quickly finding the most effective balance.

Easy to Use

iMagic Restaurant Reservation is so easy to use, you won't even need the manual. No cryptic buttons or options, iMagic Restaurant Reservation lets you see your reservations while you manage them. Use our easy to use interface to enter guest and booking details, and watch your bookings become organised before your eyes.

Configuration Wizard

Take the hassle out of setting up your tables with our Configuration Wizard. It will interactively ask and suggest which information to enter for the system's quick and easy setup. Need more control? That's easy too, as all of the settings can be overridden giving precise control.

Multiple Table Layouts for Functions

Sometimes you might want to book entire sections of your restaurant for special functions, changing the physical layout, maybe adding or removing tables too. With iMagic Restaurant Reservation's Table Block feature, you can do just that. Put on extra tables during the busy holiday periods, or remove unneeded tables. It's quick and easy to do by group tables together with our Table Block system.

Take Bookings Online

With no cost per booking charges, you can add a form to your website allowing you to take bookings online. Booking requests are then emailed to the restaurant allowing the booking to be made and confirmed. A far easier and cost-effective approach than cost-per-booking solutions like OpenTable.


Easy Reservations

Quickly make reservations on a single screen. Enter customer preferences, locate previous customers and recall. Management defined fields which can be made compulsory as reminders for busy staff. Simple and easy to use.

Only Availabile Tables for Covers

Management can define the available percentage of tables to avoid over working kitchen or floor staff. Creating Table Blocks for common table set ups and special occassions. Can optionally 'over book' to fit in with appropriate warnings. Staff can choose between Venues that management have defined.

Setup Wizard

Setup wizard gets you quickly started with the most common features. Then configure new features as and when you need them to avoid overload.

Visual Layout

Create a Visual Layout rather than selecting tables from a list. Touch Screen support or use a mouse to select tables and see what is where. 


Simple quick and easy charts and reports to see performance and bookings. Management can use to indicate performance and optimize reservation strategies.

Customer List

As bookings are made the customer details are automatically stored. These can be used for returning bookings, as well as marketing to contact for promotions, etc.

Arrivals and In House

See which customers have arrived, who is about to arrive and which tables need to be cleaned. Mark arrivals, walkins and see an overview quickly. Ideal for busy staff.

How can iMagic Restaurant Reservation Help?

iMagic Restaurant Reservation is an easy to use software system that manages your reservations, customers and table management. The system enables you to manage more reservations efficiently, monitor performance of reservations over time and helps to achieve repeat business. The result is less cost to you and more resources being freed allowing you to grow your business.

Managers wanting more efficient ways of managing reservations.
Management of guests helping you to stay in contact and increase repeat visits.
Tracking performance of marketing campaigns, keeping well performing advertising and dropping more expensive less useful advertising and promotions.
Help in managing special event reservations, table management and group bookings.

System Requirements

The following is the recommended minimum system:

* 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor.
* Microsoft Windows Windows 10.
* 2 Gigabyte (GB) of RAM (4GB recommended for better performance).
* 64MB of available hard-disk space (10% free hard disk space is recommended for Windows).

If you're not sure about your PC, then you could either download the free trial to test or contact us and we'll help out.

About Us

iMagic has been developing software for over 20 years. Our focus is on understanding our customers' needs. 

Rather than focusing on technology first. Instead, we find the problems in a business and then work towards a technical solution. Technology should be in place to serve people and fulfill those needs.

Many years of experience.

Understand the restaurant business.

We put people first, technology second. It seems to work that way.